Trying to find the perfect romper can be tough. If you are short, you worry that all of the fabric will overwhelm your small frame, and if you are tall you worry that the ensamble will look too short and be unflattering. With so many different looks and styles, searching for a great romper that will complement your unique style can seem daunting and exhausting.

This Fashionista shows us that the quest for the perfect romper is not a lost cause. She chose a dark color with a white paisley print. This color is extremely flattering against her dark hair and olive complexion, and the fun pattern makes the look perfect for any summer occasion. She selected a longer length to suit her tall frame. Since she has very long legs she went with a cut that was just above her fingertips to ensure the outfit would still appear classy and elegant. The romper is cinched at the waist to highlight her thin frame and break up the looser fitting top and bottom halves. To add a little more drama to her look, this Fashionista selected a romper with a plunging neckline. This is a nice contrast against the looser fitting fabric and prevents her outfit from being too conservative. The material of the romper is light and airy allowing her to combat the summer heat.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “For someone who’s not used to rompers, definitely avoid high necklines and stick with a comfortable fabric. The higher necklines are too conservative and comfortable fabric is necessary for a fun summer outfit.”