The combination of black and white has always been on-trend, but did you ever stop to think if there was something that could make it even better yet? The answer lies in a simple splash of color, of course. What we see here is a camp-friendly outfit that is comfortable, functional and all things RAD. Brilliantly created by this Fashionista, this outfit is perfect for a warm summer day in Michigan and is easily versatile for a bonfire later on too.

The combination of black and white in the pants, T-shirt and cardigan balance each other out and create unity among the outfit. This choice of color combining allows the viewer’s eyes to initially be drawn to the bold horizontal stripes of the T-shirt. The viewer’s eyes follow the lines horizontally to meet the black and white cardigan that is full of tiny designs of triangular arrows. These arrows pointing both upwards and downwards allow the eye to be gently carried down the wearer’s body, and then compellingly drawn to the vibrant color of the sandals. These fun kicks are a bold statement piece and really make the entire outfit stand out from your normal black and white color combination outfits.

This Fashionista is inspirational and innovative for us all. A fun fact that this Fashionista expressed was that her T-shirt secretly had a stain on it. Not to be thrown away, she fearlessly wears this comfy T-shirt inside out and backwards! The world would never know because she rocks this look from head to toe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Risk it for the biscuit. Don’t be afraid to just mix and match patterns.”