During our preliminary and secondary school education, ripped jeans were never part of dress code. They were considered unprofessional and messy. Nowadays, designers and students are finding innovative ways to make ripped jeans look more purposeful and fashionable. With the rise of punk rock-chic, ripped jeans, leather and studs have made their way from grungy to fabulous. This week’s article is all about how to wear ripped jeans in a presentable, fashionable outfit for your everyday life.

This Fashionista is wearing a white T-shirt, a yellow blazer, ripped boyfriend jeans and Converse sneakers. She accessorizes with a gold chain necklace, an oversized watch and Prada bag. She also adds a pop of color to her lips with a bright pink lipstick. This Fashionista does a great job with pairing her ripped jeans with an everyday, school outfit. Her jeans are baggy enough so that they have a loose, and comfortable look, but they also still show off her slim figure. She rolls up her jeans just slightly to emphasize her casual look, showcasing her light blue sneakers. She dresses up her look a bit by adding the yellow blazer and her gold accessories, creating a chic, put together look.

Although this Fashionista doesn’t have extreme rips in her jeans, a lot of people are drawn to the more dramatic, revealing look. This is totally acceptable as long as the rips look purposeful and not like a mistake. If you’re looking for a more distressed and destroyed look, try to keep it simple by pairing your jeans with a plain shirt. Put all of the emphasis on the jeans and less on what else is going on with the outfit. If you try too hard with destroyed jeans, it can go from trendy to trashy.

Try out this trend, but be careful! Pick your destroyed, ripped jeans wisely when creating an outfit, and have fun with it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I love wearing my gold accessories and blazer with my ripped jeans. It keeps the outfit casual without looking too casual.”