STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ridiculously RAD Rompers

For all Fashionistas out there, the decision of what to wear is never an easy one. Putting together the perfect combination of a top, bottom and accessories is not a quick, painless decision. The discovery of the miracle known as a “romper” has changed the fashion world as we know it and have made the lives of Fashionistas a bit simpler at times.

Rompers and jumpers have been exploding the fashion world for years because of their convenience, comfort, style, perfection and not to mention their ability to always be totally RAD! This Fashionista is styling a fabulous, strapless, black and white romper that is super comfortable in the summer heat. For a windy day she pairs the romper with a classic white denim jacket that is a must have for any Fashionista’s summer wardrobe.

To match the color scheme of her look, she accessorizes by adding a Lokai bracelet and an adorable choker. Her Steve Madden fashion platform sneakers are of course extremely trendy and they complete the look by adding even more comfort.

On this sunny, beautiful day it is almost impossible for any Fashionista to leave the house without their favorite pair of sunglasses. This Fashionista loves her black Ray-Ban aviators especially since they match perfectly with her look.

This Fashionista is overall rocking her RAD look with confidence and style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Rompers make my life so much easier. Not only are they completely adorable, but their convenience and comfort make them a triple threat. My rompers and jumpers are definitely some of the best articles of clothing that I own!”