Whether it’s leather, jean or bold fur, the vest is definitely making a comeback this season. Vests are a trendy way to accessorize right now because they can add flair to a simple outfit or add a touch of chic to a long sleeve shirt. Especially now that spring is just weeks away, grabbing a vest is the perfect option when adapting to warmer temperatures.

This Fashionista spends a lot of time behind the lens of the camera capturing adventures with her friends or the natural beauty of Oregon. She loves a good vest because it can be fashion forward without being restrictive as she snaps her photos. Although wearing a vest can be a fashion gamble, her expertly styled look will help guide you when choosing the perfect sleeveless top for you.

This Fashionista combines both leather and a bit of faux fur in her shearling vest. The mix of fabrics make the vest unique, and the layered cut comes off as boho chic and relaxed. Underneath the vest she decides to keep it simple with a black long sleeve and dark jeans. Her brown boots balance the darkness of her outfit and complement her neutral shades. The look is given a final touch of personality with her layered bracelets and watch. Her arm candy features several different shades of metal, and each piece offers a different texture and look. These certain pieces are unique to her because her vintage Gucci watch is from her dad, and she made the necklace as a DIY project.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m all about comfortable style. I’m not used to being on the other side of the camera, so a fun comfortable outfit definitely makes me feel more confident.”