January 15th, 2015 at 2:10am

With the calendar year turning once again, new trends will soon surface across various runway shows and magazines. Despite current fashion, old trends and styles will always find a way to work themselves back into everyone’s day-to-day lives. Finding rad vintage and retro pieces is not as hard as it may appear. It simply requires a trip to a local thrift store or into the back parts of your mom or dad’s closet. Going thrifting and looking for fashion trends of the past has a certain element of excitement because you never know what treasures or vintage labels you might find. This Fashionista tackles the cold weather with her vintage varsity jacket.

So once you’ve found an eye-catching vintage piece, the question is how do you style it? This Fashionista’s jacket is a bold statement piece so she styled it accordingly. By letting her jacket capture the majority of the attention of her outfit and styling the rest of her look with basics she perfectly creates a trendy and urban vibe. Varsity and bomber style jackets have been recently appearing all over the runway through military trends and with celebrities. Although you can achieve this look by purchasing a similar jacket in a store there is a certain thrill and aspect of discovery when finding it vintage. To compliment her jacket, she paired it with a black cropped sweater and high-waisted denim jeans. For shoes, she wore a pair of lace up booties that are stylish while perfect for walking in the frigid snow.

Since you never know what exactly you will find when thrifting, be open and experiment with your style until you’ve created something amazing. You can achieve this look on your own through finding bold statement pieces like this Fashionista did and incorporating them into your everyday wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Sometimes the best fashion finds are hiding right under your roof. Take a peek into your parent’s old wardrobes to bring unique vintage pieces back into style.”