STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: #RelationshipGoals

There’s nothing I love more than my boyfriend. To clarify, there’s no guy in the picture (both literally and figuratively) but luckily, I’ve found a pair of jeans to fill the void. Boyfriend jeans have me kicking my skinnies to the curb and I couldn’t be more comfortable!

This chic denim cut is the best boyfriend you’ll ever have; they’re cute, they complement your new shoes and they love you just as much as you love them. Unfortunately, relationships this great are easier found folded in store displays than at frat parties, but us Fashionistas can’t always win!

Whether you steal a pair from your boo, or spend all day shopping for the perfect shred, boyfriend jeans are a must-have. This Fashionista rocked her favorite pair with the effortless attitude these pants deserve. Her classic color scheme and soft scarf complement her ripped jeans perfectly. The outfit is simple and comfortable without losing any points for style.

Boyfriend jeans come in a variety of different washes with various degrees of rips, so there’s always a pair to fit your unique personality. I like mine in a lighter wash with barely noticeable tears, or none at all, but there’s a pair out there for everyone. My favorite thing about boyfriend jeans is how easily they can be dressed up or dressed down. With a few quick changes you can take these jeans from day to night and never miss a beat.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans you’ll never want to take off, whether their distressed, neat or all patched up, call your best gal pals and go boyfriend hunting!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My boyfriend jeans are the only pair I’ve been able to comfortably nap in between classes and now that’s the deciding factor when I shop for jeans.”