Seasonal sadness is a real thing and I for one am a huge sufferer of the wintertime blues. A lot of the time, the colors we turn to in our wardrobe tend to be a reflection of our moods. Just because the weather outside is dark and gloomy, does not mean our outfit choices have to be the same. Think bright and bold colors while getting ready in the morning and you’ll be taking this winter by storm (yes—that was a bad weather pun).

The pair of red jeans was the first thing that caught my eye with this Fashionista. This pop of color really stood out and looks so much cooler than just boring old blue jeans. Don’t let the seasons scare you from incorporating color into your wardrobe; colored jeans are not just for the spring and summertime! Pants that are colors such as green, light blue and peach make adorable winter outfits when paired with a cute sweater.

This chic student decided to top her jeans with a gray tank top and a casual white cardigan. I really liked this Fashionista’s patterned infinity scarf as well. I think the patterns on the scarf adds a little flare to the outfit of simple solid colors. Also as you can see, the tops of her black high socks are peaking out of her brown boots. I love the look of high socks and boots together. Also, the thicker the socks, the better on these snowy days on campus.

The different colors in the Fashionista’s outfit work very nicely together and give her a cute and stylish look. Let’s not lose the nice bright colors when we’re getting ready for the wintery days. Switch out those over-worn blue jeans for some new red ones and it will brighten up your entire outfit!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Colored pants are a quick and easy way to make your outfit stand out!”