Bill Blass, an American fashion designer, was correct when he stated, “When in doubt, wear red.” Red is such a powerful and bold color, one that will undoubtedly stand out. The color exudes confidence and you can never go wrong with a bold red lip or some red nails. This Fashionista strutted her stuff and exuded her confidence in these red-hot skinny jeans.

Red and black are two colors that complement each other extremely well because they are both powerful; one is dark and daring while the other is bright and bold. The black, long sleeve shirt and the black wedges in this Fashionista’s look really draw attention to the deep red in the skinny jeans. The stripe and geometric printed cardigan added some texture by giving the outfit some visually appealing patterns. Additionally, the ivory in the cardigan adds a little more color without taking attention away from the jeans.

This outfit can be worn for almost any occasion, whether it’s a graduation party for a family member or the movie theater with a friend. For more casual events, the wedges can be substituted for black flats and the outfit would still be just as powerful and bold. A statement necklace can replace the cardigan to create texture, as well, if the weather is too warm for the cardigan.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think every woman should wear red whenever possible, whether it’s in her lips, nails or wardrobe. The color is so powerful and says the statement ‘I am a confident and daring woman.’ If you wear red, no one will mess with you; pairing red with black will make you unstoppable.”