STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Ready For A Summer Stroll

With summer in full swing, having cute, hot weather outfits is a must. This Fashionista started her outfit with a simple peach tube top. It allows her to move around freely and absorb lots of sun. The pale color is perfect for the summer season and makes her skin look more tan, which seems to be every girl’s summer goal. Her patterned shorts contain the same peach color making for a great match with the tube top. When putting together a new outfit, always look for items that have the same colors in them and see if you can put them together. You may even find items in your closet that you can mix and match each time. The black and white tribal look of the shorts gives the outfit an overall fun, casual aura.

When creating an outfit, the dressiness is largely determined by the footwear. Putting the white wedges on her feet makes them stand out and makes a fancier style. The white color also matches with the white in her shorts and goes along with the light color tone from the outfit as a whole. A look is not complete without its finishing touches. This Fashionista has her blonde hair match the flowy look of her outfit with beach-like waves. She also wears simple jewelry to add style to the parts of her outfit the clothes do not cover considering the hot weather. Her necklace, delicate bracelets on each wrist and a couple of rings on one hand are a perfect way to conclude this comfortable, summer look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “This outfit works for hanging out by the beach or even wearing it to your favorite restaurant. The top and shorts are very comfortable and flowy, and that is my go-to style. I always like to go with the flow.”