June 6th, 2016 at 2:10am

Raw hems are everything right now. Bloggers from all over have given this trend a platform. Coming from a person that only owns jeans with rips all over them, this is definitely a distressed dream of mine. Raw hems on culottes or bell bottoms are beyond amazing. They’re an easy trend for a safe dresser too, because the jeans are normal except for the minor fraying at the bottom of the leg.

It is only normal that this trend would appear again, almost fifty years after its emergence into mainstream culture. The ’70s were a time for exploration and what better way to explore one’s self than with fashion itself! This laid-back look is an easy way to obtain that seal of “coolness without the effort.” The best part about this trend is that it is easy enough to do on your own. The trick is to rip the hem of your normal jeans. This will give them the frayed look at the ankle. Paired with a plain white T-shirt, this look screams ‘chic and relaxed French-woman.’

Along with raw hems, kitten heels are also making their debut. Following behind the raw hems by just a decade, this small heel is flattering for everyone. However, finding the right proportion of heel width to height is important. This particular shoe is perfect because the heel is chunky. This adds a sense of stability and creates an even space between height and width of the shoe. This gray color is to die for and Jeffrey Campbell has an array of different colors and styles. This stunning Fashionista finished off her look with some Warby Parker sunglasses and a vintage bag from Madrid.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I’m all about the comfort, but a little femininity and ruggedness go a long way.”