Fall is in full force here at the University of Minnesota! Personally, I have mixed feelings about the season of crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice. Don’t get me wrong fall can be great, but instead of sunny summer days at the beach, we tend to have rainy, cold days stuck in class. Just because you are covering up your outfit to protect from the cold, doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your personal style. It is SO worth it to invest in jackets and accessories that will hold up against the elements while still making a fashion statement!

This Fashionista has fully embraced the stormy weather, and does it with prestige! The forest green of the jacket blends in beautifully with color palette of overcast skies and glowing grass. With fashion week happening all around the world right now, the street style has been poppin’! When the weather has been damp, we have seen more and more of this waxy texture throughout coats, boots, and accessories! This idea of an exaggerated collar has also been seen throughout many different styles of tops and jackets. So fab!

As for accessories, her purse makes a statement! It is made of faux snake skin and the buckle is a snake head—kind of creepy, yet totally chic. I thought pairing these pieces together was interesting because the textures of the waxy raincoat and the snakeskin contrast in such a way that pleases the eye and makes for a sophisticated look!

When I asked where she found these unique pieces, she (of course) thrifted the jacket and purse from a local vintage shop in Minneapolis. That is what makes them so special and different! Her rain boots are from Jeffery Campbell and they come in a few different colors. She went for the shiny over the matte to match her coat!

The clouds and the cold cannot stop style and this Fashionista shows it! The only thing she’s missing… an umbrella of course! Maybe that will be her next funky thrift shop find!