Summers in Tampa call for unpredictable weather; it can be a sunny afternoon and then it’ll start to rain out of nowhere! So, it is crucial that you dress for the weather and occasion.

I was obsessed with this Fashionista’s denim button-down. When I asked her where she purchased it, she told me that it was her father’s in the ’90s. She is wearing all-black and the denim shirt is a great way to keep covered while walking around campus in the rain. You can always tie the shirt around your waist when it gets hot or even sling it over your bag for easy access.

Another key component in dressing for rainy weather is the perfect shoes. This Fashionista decided to wear a pair of high-top Converse. Since her outfit does not consist of any patterns or bright colors, her shoes make the outfit pop! Wearing sneakers can save your feet when it’s raining, and will keep your toes dry and comfortable.

Let’s look at her tote! I loved the boho print and color of the bag. This is such an important piece to her outfit because it helps her carry her books and umbrella. Also, it really shows off her personal style. Instead of having a traditional backpack for school, you can always opt for a tote or a messenger bag to keep all of your important things close by!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress accordingly based on the weather; what you choose can make or break your outfit.”