When I am not sure what sort of day or summer adventure is ahead of me, it’s often hard for me to decide whether or not to put on a flowy sundress. For me, the commitment of having to sit “ladylike” in a skirt or dress for a whole day is just too much for me to take on. Thankfully, I have found the perfect solution on this Fashionista, who is wearing a Topshop at Nordstrom romper with platform sandals from Target. I adore this look because the romper is a piece that provides all the fun and flirty aspects of a skirt or sundress while also being conservative enough for all kinds of summer shenanigans.

I really enjoy this particular romper because of the triangle-shaped cutouts on the piece’s midsection. Along with the whimsical pattern, the romper provides an effortless summer look all in one garment. It’s easy because it is one piece- rather than separates- and takes one step out of choosing what to wear. Throw on some delicate, layered, gold chain necklaces like these and a pair of platform sandals with wooden soles to create a summer look is carefree and flirty. If it gets chilly as the sun goes down, a vintage-inspired denim jacket will add to the relaxed look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Rompers can be casual or dressy, so they’re great pieces to have in your wardrobe. The shoes make all the difference in the dressiness of the look.”