No matter what your style is, you need to rock a romper. If you haven’t gotten around to trying one yet, don’t be afraid because they flatter all body types and look fabulous on everyone. Rompers have been around for a while now and they’re at the point where they need to be a staple piece in your closet. The greatest thing about them is they can be worn on any occasion. They can be dressed up and down or worn in the summer and winter. There are so many styles and colors that the options are endless. Whether it’s a fun date with friends or you’re headed to an interview, you are guaranteed to look rad with a romper.

This Fashionista is geared up for chillier weather with her long sleeves and combat boots, but the mismatched patterned look really completes the outfit. Contrast is a key concept this season. This particular romper could even pass as a two-piece outfit, however it’s not. Mixing prints is a really fun way to mix up your look. If you really aren’t sold on the romper yet, try to recreate a similar look with printed pants and a blouse from your closet. The more creative the better! Sometimes people can even be afraid to mix colors that they don’t think match. The way this Fashionista mixed her black boots and black hat with a mainly blue romper shows black and blue together are definitely acceptable.

If you own a romper that is more summer appropriate, try it with some tights and a long sweater for a more winter look. Just want one pattern or color? ASOS has a romper for any style. Recently, boulder hats and fedoras have been all the rage. There isn’t a more fashionable way to cover up a bad hair day until now. Get this Fashionista’s exact hat from American Eagle Outfitters.

 What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Adding a pop of color is always a good idea. Whether it’s in your print or adding red lipstick, it keeps things fresh.”