STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Putting the “Win” in Winter

It’s easy to give in to the winter blues and to let yourself fall into routine when it comes to choosing an outfit for the day. You end up wearing your one favourite winter jacket and your one favourite pair of boots every day, but who says that it has to be that way? Definitely not this Fashionista! This Fashionista is winning in the wardrobe department this winter. How does she keep her outfits interesting while still staying warm in the recent wickedly cold wind-chills? Easy! She layers, layers, layers!

The key to being both stylish and warm during the middle of winter is to take advantage of the opportunity to layer tops, sweaters and jackets. I personally never think to layer jackets, but it is so smart! Not only is it a unique way to layer, but it also is super warm. This Fashionista layered two jackets over her top and created a cozy and warm look. I absolutely love the plaid jacket on top. The red in the pattern adds a pop of colour against the otherwise black outfit, making the outfit stand out. Its loose fit allows for perfect layering. It’s slouchy enough to be comfy and cute, while not overpowering her or the rest of the outfit.

For accessories, she kept the trend by layering a couple of necklaces. Her large bag is big enough to store everything needed for class and is both practical and stylish. Also, because it’s black, it will match any outfit. Her cozy boots are absolutely adorable and her fingerless gloves add that little extra warmth and, of course, that extra style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Get dressed every day for yourself.”