As one retreats from the blissfully breezy Lake Ontario waterfront into the dense, insulated, downtown core, Toronto heat and humidity can hit hard. This Fashionista combats the polarity of the Hogtown climate—or that of any coastal metropolis—with a whimsical yet comfy T-shirt dress and some fluffy pink earmuffs for when the ocean (or lake) spray hits.

Opting for something loose-fitting and white will indubitably score high on the practicality scale, but this Fashionista improves this classic spring staple with a little DIY know-how. She starts off with a plain white dress that was scored via the community-oriented and Toronto-based bartering app, Bunz Trading Zonewhich operates on the principle that one gal’s old baggy T-shirt is another’s future statement piece. Next, she uses SEI’s girly girl tie-dye kit to make white a little more stain-resistant and life a little more resemblant of a softly glowing past in which Barbie and Baby Spice reign supreme. She accessorizes with a pair of inexpensive but highly covetable princess ear muffs from Toronto’s suburban Pacific Mall, a bustling international marketplace and haven for any Fashionista/o who loves a good treasure hunt. She completes her mid-late ’90s look with a pair of versatile chunky platforms from Topshop and a Cher Lloyd-worthy shade of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always try every color combination when it comes time to experiment with accessories and makeup! Don’t shy away from blending fuchsias with rosy pinks and electric purples with softer mauves—you won’t always believe how rad the unexpected is until you see it!”