The great thing about fashion is the simple fact that it is constantly changing. Trends that mattered last week are replaced in a matter of seconds. In fashion, sometimes it is better to go against the grain, for daring yet stylish pieces. Without a doubt, there is something cool yet sophisticated about extending the boundary of traditional corporate dress codes.

If you’re in the office, then it makes sense why a suit, tie, and proper dress shoes go hand in hand. However, this Fashionisto completely modernizes what is considered “office appropriate” by adding a sense of style without necessarily risking his job at the same time.

One thing that works well in his ensemble is his basic blue tie, rather than going for one with prints. Not only does his tie complement his lightweight bomber jacket, but this is an ideal look for either work or play. Whether he is working in an office or on the sales floor, a few simple switches can be made to add a different look.

This Fashionistos look is perfectly on trend because he’s incorporating two items that seemingly sometimes don’t go together: a tie and sneakers. Had this Fashionisto wore a pair of Chuck Taylor sneakers or TOMS shoes, his look would be a bit questionable. He also appears to feel and look comfortable and styling his outfit with a pair multi-colored kicks.

The hint of dark green, mint and bright orange adds a nice touch and takes away from what is considered traditional work shoes. He made the right decision to untuck his shirt and showing off what he is wearing. By untucking his shirt, from head-to-toe, his entire look is cohesive. With fashion, sometimes it is better to comfortably take risk then just play it safe. This Fashionistos look is trend worthy yet fashion forward.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It is great to be able to follow trends that are always on TV or in magazines. But those don’t last all the time. Instead of trying to follow something that already exist, just recreate or customize it!”