Well, well, well what a surprise! Another trend emerging after a couple of decades going unnoticed? Shocking…

No, I’m not talking about the zoot suit, but something else from the ‘80s: patterns. In recent years, men’s fashion has dipped into the mundane, a display only to blend in. This could have to do with women’s fashion owning a more diverse armoire of styles or possibly a turn of the century that focuses heavily on women and their power socially. Either way, men’s fashion should not have taken a backseat in the attention department.

The ‘80s were bold with patterns and color. What’s trending now might as well have been snatched from the Saved By The Bell wardrobe closet, but these similar faced Fashionistos have taken the pattern trend down a notch. The polka-dots seen on twin Fashionisto number one’s button-up basically prove that polka-dots are made for anyone at any time in the history of planet Earth. That’s one pattern that may only see the end with the demise of our species. Twin Fashionisto number two is wearing a button-up with a patterned pocket and lining that mirrors Keith Haring’s flair. Wow, is that another ‘80s reference? Are we seeing a pattern here?

If you want to take part in this trend, you could start with a fun patterned pair of socks or get the one patterned pocket look like twin number two’s. For the daring ones, go to your nearest Salvation Army and pick up a couple of Hawaiian shirts. Patterns speak confidence and show a striking appeal.  Don’t go too crazy, but finish the outfit off with a solid colored short and basic shoes, like these two.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: “We don’t consider ourselves really stylish, but a nice button-up makes us feel confident. And the patterns aren’t too in your face, so we like them.”