We all love summer, and now that the hot August weather is here, many of us are still digging through our closets for the remainder of our favorite summer apparel from past seasons. Many of us can easily grab our favorite crop top and put together a fun outfit in only a few minutes.

This season printed crop tops have gained a lot of popularity amongst college aged students. With a growing demand, most crop tops have been solid colors and appear to be modified T-shirts. However, today midriff tops are very fashionable and come in all designs, fabrics and colors.

I found a Fashionista with cool blue hair and a cute outfit. This Fashionista is wearing a plain printed crop top with stripes and beige sandals with thick comfortable soles. She also has on high-waisted denim shorts that make her outfit look casual and cool. Her outfit is perfect for spending a day out with friends at the mall or on a main street shopping.

It was very interesting to see that this Fashionista had a crop top with horizontal stripes. I found her style not only intriguing but quite unique. The great thing about printed crop tops is that they come in many different styles nowadays. There are florals, tribal prints, cutout tanks and other designs that make these crop tops pop. I also noticed that this summer, many Fashionistas match crop tops with solid skirts, shorts and denim as well.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to be comfortable, to be completely honest. I think that crop tops are my favorite type of shirts. These tops can be dressed up with accessories or worn plain and causally whenever I need to go out in the heat.”