If I noticed anything at the end of spring semester, it was that printed pants were becoming the next big fashion statement. These are not your typical colored jeans or printed leggings by the way. They come in multiple fun prints like floral or tribal and lots of different styles!

A great thing that I love about this printed pants trend is that we can all take a break from constantly wearing shorts or skirts throughout the summer. They are a perfect alternative to the classic summer dress or maxi skirt.

As we all know, fashion trends come and go, but some make a comeback for the better. These pants without a doubt remind us of the beloved bell-bottom jeans from the ‘70s. They are also a close twin to those stylish gaucho pants we all rocked maybe once or twice in our middle school glory days.

If you are trying to channel your inner bohemian-chic Fashionista, these pants should definitely be your next purchase. They are perfect for music festivals, barbecues or if you are just relaxing with friends.

And did I mention that these pants are incredibly comfortable?

This Fashionista is rocking tribal printed pants paired with a black body suit. To complete this look, she is sporting a crocheted cross-body and circular sunglasses. A neutral-colored top is a great item to pair printed pants with.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Go out of your comfort zone, and buy some cool pants! Never be afraid to take some fashion risks.”