Summer is here which means it is time to bring out the shorts. One trend that I currently see on campus is tribal print shorts. It has been impossible to walk anywhere without seeing someone in some type of print. Can you blame them? Prints and pattern shorts are purely fun for the summertime. Plus, there is another obvious reason why so many people wear them in the summertime. They are super comfy to rock compare to the tight jeans we are used to wearing. From accessories, to shirts scarfs or even hats you can easily find tribal print in your local shopping centers.

Check out this Fashionista I spotted walking around the college campus the other day. She wore a simple loose-fitting black top with these statement tribal print shorts. The prints are complex with black embellished prints all over. For shoes, she kept it simple with these beaded tan flip flops. Then she chose to accessorize with this brown cross-body bag to complete her look. While chatting it up with this Fashionista, she stated that she kept her outfit simple because she wanted the tribal shorts to make a statement.

You can easily incorporate print into your everyday wear. The trick is learning what type of print and colors looks good on you. I learned that from Solange Knowles, who is a genius at mixing up different prints. Also, wear minimum accessories that way you won’t overshadow your look and once you figure that out, you are good to go.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Try experimenting with different prints and colors and see what looks you can create. Fashion is all about taking risks and having fun…so go for it.”