STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pretty in (Subtle) Pink

Floral is always in style for summer! With all the vacation days and sunshine and limitless colors of a floral print, it’s one of those effortless and staple trends for the season. But what’s the best way to style this classic print? Should the print be the center of attention or should it be a more subtle accent?

This Fashionista nailed her feminine floral summer look. Her floral print appears on a delicately beautiful white lace dress. The lace gives the pink and deep yellow flowers an antique feel that sets it apart from the usual floral dress. Similarly, the muted colors accentuate the understated pattern. For jewelry she wore a simple gold anklet, a gold chain necklace with a bird charm on it and a subtle gold leaf headband. Her accessories are minimal and small, which is often the best decision for hot summer days. To complete the look she wears a brown leather cross-body bag and a pair of simple black flip-flops.

What set this Fashionista’s outfit apart was the effortless way she styled her summer look. The subtle pink and floral parts of her dress emphasized femininity in a simple and stylish way, while her small gold jewelry tied the whole look together. Everything seems easy and put together for a fun day on vacation.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Switch it up! If one day your outfit is floral and girly, try something a little more punk or edgy the next day. It’s fun and and you get to try everything!”