Any self-respecting Fashionista/o knows that when you are heading out whether your going to dinner or a party, it’s not just the outfit under your jacket that matters, it’s your outerwear too. In a place like Upstate New York you spend three to four months out of the year bundled in layers of clothes. So it’s really important to pick out outerwear pieces that complement your specific style and keep you warm.

You can always tell when a trend has caught on based on how you constantly see it around campus. This year walking to class and around the quad was like walking through a sea of puffer coats. I think part of the reason for this style of coat catching on so quickly is because puffer coats are a cozy and comfortable option and on top of that they are super cute.

I found this Fashionista heading to town to have lunch with friends.This purple color was really unique and it made her stand out from the pack. I love puffer coats and I love this color. Her outfit is simple and the color really jazzes it up. I also like how she wore a fishnet knit sweater that made this outfit cute and perfect to wear out and about town. Her knee-high leather boots and her choker necklace bring the outfit together.

I love this style because it is simple and chic. It’s often hard to know what outerwear to throw on over your already adorable outfit that you’ve spent hours obsessing over and perfecting (or is that just me?). Wearing a simple and popular piece like a puffer coat is a great way to complete any winter outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Always wear what makes you feel good, and never forget to add colors to your look.”