The peplum top is one of the harder styles of tops to pull off successfully. That is mostly because this top accommodates more specific body types that have more hourglass-like figures. I myself have had trouble finding a peplum that I actually like on me and doesn’t squeeze in uncomfortable places while being worn. That being said, knowing your body and searching for different styles of peplum, such as pleated versus the classic, can help make this top accessible for anyone!

Since these tops purposely aim to create or accentuate curves by flaring out at the waist, you must be mindful of how that makes the rest of your body appear and how you are going to pair it. A big difference in finding a good peplum can start at whether it has sleeves or is sleeveless since a sleeveless option will show off the arms more, which can end up being more or less flattering. This Fashionista opts for the sleeveless version and pulls it off wonderfully. This specific top has a mesh-like detail at the top and continues into a faux leather material. Being just tight enough without causing the arms to look unflattering and the flare hitting directly at this Fashionista’s waist, she is completely owning this look.

Once you find your perfect peplum, the next step is figuring out how to pair it. You can honestly pair it with any type of bottoms that you feel comfortable in and that flatter your body type. For some a good pair of skinny jeans or tight skirt may do the trick, while others may choose a maxi skirt or even be daring and pair it with a matching flared out skirt. This Fashionista chooses to stick with something closer to the first option, a tighter pair of detailed shorts. She finishes off the look with a pair of gold and brown sandals, a statement necklace and sunglasses. Overall, she’s doing it right by adding few accessories and leaving the focus on her top.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Anything that is comfortable but also fits my body well is a plus and makes wearing any outfit easier.”