April 3rd, 2015 at 2:05am

As the semester is finally passing its midpoint, all students in the tri-state area are begging for warmer weather. All we want to do is toss our winter coats to the side and make room in our closets for cute spring outfits. Although the weather is not quite cooperating completely, it is beginning to get warm enough to shed a few layers.

I spotted this Fashionista outside of the library and thought that she had the perfect type of outfit for this transition from winter to spring. She worked her entire ensemble around her pastel-colored floral dress. The base of the dress was white, but all of the light colors sporadically spread out all over it are the perfect shades for this season. Pastels are big during this transition weather. It is not brutally cold out to the point where we want to wear dark colors anymore. Therefore, these pastel blues and pinks are the perfect balance. She threw on a navy blue blazer to bring a classy look to her ensemble. The navy complemented the pastel blues in her dress flawlessly. She then had on a pair of black high boots with some fuchsia high socks underneath. The fuchsia color matched with several colors in her dress as well.

My favorite parts in anyone’s outfits are always the accessories because they enable me to see a little bit of the particular Fashionista’s personality. This Fashionista had on fabulous gold hand jewelry that definitely made a statement about who she was. The beauty of it was very unique and not something that you see every day. She also had on a gold watch and Ray-Ban sunglasses. Personally, I think that her fuchsia lipstick brought her whole look together. Not only did the color match her dress, but it also matched her socks. This lipstick makes a huge statement because of its unique color, and it also brings completeness to her ensemble. Overall, she was able to bring the spring season in with this outfit because of its floral aspects and pastel colors while still being dressed properly for the cooler temperatures.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t let the weather control what colors you want to wear. I love wearing bright colors all year-round!”