January 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

While the weather outside is frightful, the style on UW-Madison’s campus is especially delightful. With the steady drop of temperatures and the blistering wind, college students will do anything to escape the cold. The coat trend that was popular last year that has seen an even bigger presence this winter is the parka. A parka is a knee-length, wind and waterproof coat that was created to protect one from winter’s worst weather.

Though the parka can sometimes present itself as a boring, shapeless fashion statement, there are many ways to adhere it to your own style. One way to make your parka more stylish is by giving it shape. By wearing a parka that can be cinched at the waist, you can appear more slender and feminine. Another way to dress up your parka is by adding a fur-trimmed hood. While the fur-trimmed trend seemed to have left with 2010, it is making its comeback. With its wild and earthy appeal, a bit of fur could add a bit of flair to your winter parka.

When you are pulling off your parka as a fashion statement, it is best to layer up. Wearing a sweater, thick scarf or a heavy cardigan will add additional warmth, allowing you to show off your outfit without freezing your butt off. This Fashionista is wearing a heavy knit sweater to stay both stylish and warm. To add her own flair to the look, she adds a long, statement necklace that complements her overall look. To switch things up, this Fashionista could replace the necklace with a cozy scarf. This alternate would add protection from this winter’s elements, on especially chilly days.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “In the winter, boots are a must. They can play up an outfit and make a baggy sweater look trendy and fun.”