STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pretty in Palazzo Pants

Everyone wishes they were able to go out in public in their pajamas. News flash, you can! Well, you basically can. Palazzo pants are the pajamas that you are able to wear out. They are super cute and super comfortable. They come in all different patterns and colors.

Palazzo pants can be worn with crop tops for more of a fun and casual vibe. They can also be worn with T-shirts, tank tops or any other type of shirt. Being that these pants are loose, more form-fitting shirts look better. The pants hang on your hips and flare out from there. By wearing a form-fitting top, it creates the illusion that your waist is very small and your legs are extremely long. Sounds like a miracle pair of pants to me. To elongate your legs even more, you can wear a pair of wedges or else keep it more casual and go with the sandals.

This Fashionista kept it simple and casual yet extremely trendy. Her palazzo pants are the statement piece of the outfit. The tribal patterns and eye-catching blues make the pants stand out. She then paired the pants with a simple white camisole and a white cardigan. She pulled out the white from the pants rather than sticking with the different shades of blue. A blue shirt would have been too much, in my opinion.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “You can dress cute while staying comfy at the same time; it is a win-win kind of outfit!”