Another gloomy, rainy week in Shanghai, but this does not stop people from summer shopping and weekend brunching.

This Fashionista wore a short denim overall with a red and white striped crop top and a pair of easy-to-match black Converse. Although overalls and rompers are very similar, short and open-backed overalls like the one this Fashionista wore are much more versatile and can be changed up in many ways to create many outfits. Wearing dresses and skirts may not be the best option during typhoon seasons for very practical reasons, so short overalls are a very fashionable alternative to sundresses.

Denim overalls have been increasingly popular because they are easy to pull off. If you wanted a more cutesy look, try matching the overalls with light colored shirts and sandals instead of converses. But if you are more daring, go for short boots and tank tops on the inside. There are truly many different looks you can pull off with just a denim overall. Some people might hesitate buying them because they look like more work to put on or they look complicated to wear, but just think of them as super high-waisted shorts with straps. Don’t be afraid to try something new! A short denim overall might just be what you are looking for when wearing a skirt isn’t the best choice, or you just want an extra boost in attitude.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think denim rompers are a fun way to kind of show some skin, but also not be completely flashy or bold. It really makes for a good average, everyday outfit.”