STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pretty And Patterned

When I met this Fashionista, I loved the fact that she was unafraid to mix patterns. Patterns are especially hard to coordinate and hers were different colors as well. Despite this, she looked put together and confident in her outfit. As I asked her what her style advice was, I made sure to ask her a few questions about how she managed to match patterns, something I’ve always struggled with. She told me it was key to have your favorite pieces and use those to tie together a look.

Her key pieces were her platinum Jack Rogers sandals and gold watch. While her main outfit was a mix of orange, blue and white patterned pieces, her shoes and accessories were classic pieces that match everything. She also used a mix of silhouettes in her outfit which helped it look more composed. Her pants were ankle length and more fitted than her top while the J.Crew top she was wearing was tucked in and sleeveless.

A big fashion faux pas can be having too many patterns on at once, but this Fashionista pulled them off well. In addition, she mentioned to me that her colors were purposefully matched to be like our school colors (orange and blue). She rocked her outfit and had school spirit at the same time. Try to keep your accessories simple when mixing patterns. If you mix colors, try to have some coordination to them, whether they’re your school colors or just in the same color family. But most importantly, remember to have fun: patterns and colors are all about expressing yourself!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Have your favorite pieces, mine are my Jack Rogers and gold watch, but try to spice things up and play with patterns to keep things interesting.”