January 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Being a college student in the Pacific Northwest, one quickly learns that layering is key. Between the chilly trek to class, and the hot flashes one gets when they finally make it to their lecture hall across campus, a variety of clothing is needed. But have you mastered the art of layering yet?

This Fashionista certainly has with the perfect layering piece—the cargo jacket. What makes the cargo jacket a great layering piece to subside any temperature malfunction is its unique level of thickness; it’s thick enough to wear on its own during a breezy day and thin enough to leave plenty of room for layers beneath it during a cold front. This baggy yet flattering jacket can supplement a variety of layers from knit sweaters to flannel blouses, and be adapted into several style classifications: preppy, gothic, grunge and many more. These give you the variety and freedom to translate the jacket into your own style.

So why are these cargo jackets so popular? Looking at this Fashionista, it is easy to tell. Although it can potentially give off a bulky look, when paired with her tight skinny jeans and classic tan flats, she maintains her feminine and flirty style; she still maintains a comfortable and appropriate look for the classroom. The jacket is so incredibly versatile, so it can stay in your closet all year-round. This is also why the jacket is so easy to throw on over a seasonally appropriate outfit; no matter what the weather is, it is always there to be the finishing touch.

 What is your Style ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layer! You can always find a way to layer any aspect of your outfit. From top to bottom, there’s always room for layering; it can make the difference between a trend and your own unique style.”