Prints come in all different shades, shapes and styles. Aztec patterns, polka-dots, stripes—you name it. Prints are unique because they can be worn on any style of clothing, and they can be mixed and matched. They are a must-have in any Fashionista’s summer wardrobe because there are so many seasonal print trends. Whether it’s on a pair of shorts, a romper or a hat, prints are perfect for any occasion.

This Fashionista chose to rock her prints in the form of a flowy summer dress. Her look is effortlessly casual and ideal for a summer day at the beach, at an outdoor music festival or just out and about. The many different shades of pink are a perfect contrast to the darker blues in the pattern of the dress. The dress’s fabric features a sporadic pattern, complete with zig zags and flowers. Even though there is a contrast in the dress’s pattern and colors, together they work to create a pattern that is flirtatious, summer and iconic of the current trend of multilevel patterns.

The dress’s light chiffon fabric also creates a light, flirty flow to the dress. The lightweight fabric is comfortable and perfect for a hot summer day. When looking for summer prints, this Fashionista emphasizes that it is important to also look carefully at fabrics. If you choose to go with a heavy, non-breathable fabric, you won’t be able to focus on rocking your printed look. Comfort is key during the steamy months of summer, but if you look for the right patterns and prints, you can keep that comfort and your Fashionista style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Look for prints that match your personality and radiate who you are. There are so many to choose from! Also, always remember to keep fabric and styles in mind.”