The power of plaid is strong for any season. Fashionistas/os are mad for plaid this season, which has been seen everywhere, from the runway to the streets. Whether your plaid is bright and colorful or neutral and minimal, there is a way to incorporate plaid into any outfit for any occasion.

The idea of plaid may scare some into thinking, “How can I pull this look off without looking like a lumberjack?” The answer is simple. You can style plaid in a variety of ways: feminine, vibrant, grunge and much more. Plaid comes in a variety of forms and mixes well with other trends such as leggings and/or military boots. If you still feel too masculine, incorporate feminine pieces into your outfit such as earrings, a chic tote or a pair of pumps for a night out. If you are still concerned about your look, a subtle plaid accessory, such as a scarf, can liven up any outfit.

This Fashionista demonstrates just how powerful a simple plaid button-up can be. Plaid can transform a lazy Monday outfit into a stylish ensemble by simply layering it over other pieces. This Fashionista chose a minimal approach to the plaid trend by layering her plaid button-up over an oversized T-shirt and black leggings. Tan motorcycle boots complete the Fashionista’s outfit, adding warmth and comfort to her casual ensemble. This style is perfect for when you may have hit the snooze button one too many times or if you just don’t feel like getting dressed up.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Comfort is important to me when I have a day full of classes and work. Whether it’s a T-shirt, leggings or both, I promise you will look, and feel, great!”