Other than the flannel and dirty sneakers, this Fashionisto’s unique pins caught my eyes the most. I personally wonder how a guy styles his outfit when getting ready and why he decides to choose the accessories they do. Some wear gold chains, arm candy like a watch or rasta-colored bracelets and even beanies or five panel caps. He wore his beanie with pins which added some “pizzazz” to complete his look.

Pins speak for themselves no matter what you get. They spread elaborate messages to the people whether it says “Bernie 2016,” “Love Wins,” or the name of several talented individuals in a band. They come in different colors and sizes to accommodate everyone as well as constantly advancing as more talent arises. I own several pins, but none like his.

The best part of these accessories is that they can be purchased at local thrift stores, antique shops and small shops on Etsy for example meaning they are that inexpensive! If you are bubbly, outgoing, a succulent lover, artsy or even a “cat lady” do not worry because these beauties fit every single one of your wonderful needs!

The way this Fashionisto styled his rad pins? He wore a plain black Los Angeles Dodgers beanie and attached his pins onto it. It is as simple as that! You can pin these babies onto any item article from your backpack to denim jackets, you name it. Since he is wearing pins that are all over the place, pins based on more than one person and topic, his long sleeve olive shirt is paired with a red flannel and tied together with black jeans to bring the tones down. The dirty VANS sneakers make this outfit grunge because they were worn out to an extent that makes them look strangely neat and he also found inspiration from the one and only fashion icon Ian Connor.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I mainly focus on comfort and to be unique. Being unique does not mean it has to be expensive, thrift plain shirts like mine and DIY them.”