Clothes make a bold statement about the wearer, even if it’s a simple jeans and T-shirt combo. Whether you’re laid back and casual or bolder and a risk taker, the clothes you choose to wear and the pieces you put together speak volumes about who you are.

But when I spotted this Fashionista, her gorgeous netted dress and top combo literally spoke to all those admiring her unique and super trendy ensemble as they passed by. With a bright and eye-catching “pow” written across in white sequins in multiple places, this Fashionista is most definitely not afraid to make a statement and to let her clothes do the talking for her.

A black, netted dress peaks out on the bottom portion of this outfit, while a jersey with various patches is worn on top. The top is slightly see through, so the texture of the netted dress blends in with the camo pattern of the top, creating a unique combination of pieces that plays with the eyes, making it seem like a single piece.

She completes this look with some simple slip-on sandals that do not take away from the overall ensemble but add just the right amount of simplicity. Thought not technically a part of this outfit, her haircut and mini bangs are ultra chic and edgy, only adding on to the already standout look she is rocking on the streets of Chicago.

Every detail in this look works with the other, and each piece and styling choice results in an outfit that is killer, edgy and bound to make people stop and stare.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to wear something unique and different. Be bold and be loud in your fashion choices.”