STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Poppin’ n’ Pursin’

One accessory that knows every Fashionista’s secrets is her beautiful purse. There’s something special about the skills attributed to a purse. It isn’t just there to make you look pretty like any other accessory, such as jewelry might do. As I write to you from Paris, I’ve learned that the only accessory Parisian women cherish as much as their scarves is their purses. RIP bank account.

It’s there to add some formality to your ensemble—a spark of professionalism and maturity. Most girls begin their path to womanhood when they upgrade from the Vera Bradley wristlet to a Michael Kors handbag. It’s also there to collect different aspects of your life and to safely keep them organized in one place. Basically, a purse is like the kid in your class who’s always willing to help you out, while still making you look real good.

When it comes to choosing a purse that makes your outfit, you have to really think about size, color and style. If you usually opt for brighter clothes, stay neutral with a purse to avoid outshining anything. If you’re like me and enjoy staying neutral with clothes, a purse with some color will always do the trick and will never clash. Size and style also really depends on occasion and personal preference—the more formal the event, the smaller the purse. Plain and simple. If you’re like me, and always loosing your phone or other items, I recommend going with a purse with more storage so you can keep that thing out of your hands and pockets. Trust me. Not being able to send Snapchats of a potential OOTD to your friends is worth the bigger purse. Day 11 of being in France phoneless and not going strong.

This Fashionista went above and beyond with the purpose of her cute purse. The pop of purple was vibrant and bold. It was a seriously good match to the lighter pinkish-purple turtleneck. It presented a good contrast, but kept the outfit girly and fun. The navy pea coat allowed the purse to do its job against such a dark color, and the colors brightened up the grungy charcoal pants. The combat boots added some edge, and voila, we have my favorite style of attire: feminine yet edgy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Add a cute purse to any outfit to dress it up and make a statement!”