I’m sure we’ve all seen patterns being mixed and styled in all sorts of weird ways, but this look just shows how such a simple look can change with a pop of pattern. The biggest reason why I wanted this Fashionista to be featured in my second post is because of how her style is completely opposite of mine.

In this look, you can probably already tell that her style is much more edgy and trendy in a couple of ways. First, this black dress is the key of this look. Although it doesn’t look like anything special, the simplicity and sophistication of it is what makes the entire look work. The ribs in the dress allow for an overall more cool and casual vibe.These fringe shoes are another trendy item that are perfect for the summer and elevate any look they are paired with. This look could have easily been an edgy one, but these shoes transform the entire look to have a more boho feel.

Now on to the main point of the look, this kimono wrap. Obsessed! This tie-dye wrap is the perfect pop of pattern in this look for a couple of reasons.The bright colors pop perfectly when paired with all-black accessories. By pairing the pattern with these all-black accessories, the focus of the entire look goes to the wrap. I have loved the kimono trend going on recently, she definitely styled this one in the best way by simplifying other aspects of her look.

What is your style advice of the week? “Don’t be afraid to follow the trends! Fashion is more entertaining this way!”