You can never go wrong with neutrals for a cute casual weekend outfit. Neutrals have always been in and will always be in because anything goes with them! Brown, tan, white and black are all colors that are worn for a classic look; especially in winter when sweaters are popular. However, having an all neutral outfit can be chic, but can also look a little dull. By adding one piece of color to your outfit, you can make the whole ensemble stand out and  make the neutrals flow better!

If you are wearing a black dress, try a piece of bright jewelry to make your face stand out more. If you’re wearing black skinny jeans and a white top, mix it up with shoes. Adding a colorful blouse with a neutral cardigan brings more life to a casual outfit.

This Fashionista added her pop of color perfectly with a combination of neutrals for a great weekend outfit. Her tan cardigan is casual and warm, but the red blouse draws your attention in and makes the outfit more dressy. Her neutral accessories, like the grey booties and white earrings, bring together the entire look making the cardigan more dressy, and complimenting the red blouse. Adding one pop of color to your outfit can make dark, wintery outfits more lifelike and attractive!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Personal style is all about how clothes make you feel, so wear what makes you feel most comfortable and beautiful.”