Pop it, punch it? Sounds like I’m instructing you to get yourselves to the gym and work up a sweat. However, my proposition is much more fun and exciting than the gym. It’s all about creating an ensemble. I love this Fashionista’s blouse’s pop of color. It truly adds a punch to her overall look. Okay, I know I sound cheesy, but when else is there a perfect time to dress to the nines in colors? I might be a bit biased because turquoise is my favorite color, but you can add color to your look with a wide range of colors. Just be sure to balance it all out with neutrals as well.

When you set up a colorful piece against a neutral background, it’s bound to stand out. I love how this Fashionista matched her bright blouse against a pair of white pants. White paired with any color is guaranteed to make the colored piece catch your eye. This Fashionista also paired neutral accessories with her blouse for an added complimentary effect. I love her statement necklace since it’s bold and loud, but in a soft and muted tone. This Fashionista carried this frame of mind down to her toes with her simply cute sandals as well.

The best part about adding a pop of color to your look is that this type of styling approach can be applied to any occasion. From internships to work to a night out, color is your fashionable friend you always want to keep in mind. Don’t be afraid to rock a new color you’ve never worn before and keep this bit of advice in mind when other seasons roll around.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “With this current muggy and hot weather we’ve been having, I always dress to combine comfort and style. I love how breezy this top is, but also like how it’s a stylish piece within itself. The best of both worlds!”