We have seen the classic poncho before, and we all have associated the piece with its Mexican origin for several decades. It has transformed into a popular clothing piece in the fashion industry, making its grand appearance as early as the late ’60s. It has once again emerged as a popular trend this year, with many designers incorporating this one-size-fits-all garment into their current and upcoming collections.

As we jump into summer, we are all eager to hit the beach. What better time to bring back this oversized garment than in the summer? Whether you are lounging by the pool, traveling to a tropical getaway or simply doing errands throughout your day, a summer poncho has your back!

This Fashionista is sporting an ombré poncho. The lightness of the sheer gauze-like fabric makes this outfit look effortless but still chic. The lace embellishments add a subtle touch of femininity to her look and offset the bohemian style. Her breezy poncho is paired perfectly with a pair of white skinny jeans to highlight the lavender pastel color in her top, giving it a put together look. To accessorize, she has added neutral wedge sandals to give her an extra boost in height, and she layered a relic-inspired necklace.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I incorporate ponchos in my wardrobe because they are easy to wear and extremely versatile. There are several varying details and patterns of ponchos one can wear, such as fringe and lace, making each unique.”