We all know that winter is the most difficult time for Fashionistas and Fashionistos to style their outfits successfully. The frigid cold makes it difficult to think of anything to wear other than a balaclava. Fortunately, there are certain trends we can always count on to spice up our looks and this Fashionista is rocking one of them—a pom-pom beanie.

This trend, when done wrong, can conjure images of children racing down snowy slopes. However, this Fashionista chose a hat that has a slouchy style, which gives it a cool edge. Not only that, but she paired it with another hot trend—round sunglasses. The two together give off a cool yet girly vibe, all while keeping her warm and making it evident that the pom-pom look can be adapted to anyone’s style.

This type of hat can be seen all around my campus. So why are they so popular? Looking at this Fashionista you can tell it is keeping her warm despite the snowy afternoon due to the wooly material. The black color goes with any outfit of her choosing and the loose style keeps it modern and young. I believe this is why the pom-pom trend is so popular. It is young, cool and departs from the usual winter beanies most of us are tired of wearing. So why not try it out for yourself? This Moncler style is my absolute favorite since it combines the pom-pom look with my absolute favorite for winter (you guessed it), fur! If you are looking to try out the style, this and this are also great and affordable options from Forever 21.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep it neutral! Wear these beanies in neutral colors that are easy to style. This will steer you away from the ski or child-like look. Wear your pom-poms with confidence and style on this winter!”