With the chill of winter stronger than ever, it’s important to stay warm without getting lost in the snow. This Fashionista knows how to make a statement and has no problem standing out in her plaid coat.

This coat is everything and has the power to steal everyone’s attention! Wearing more than one pattern can be overwhelming, but this Fashionista keeps it simple with black jeans and a black sweater. The darkness and simplicity of the black allows the coat to stand as the main element without being too bright, perfectly fitting in with the dreary winter weather.

This Fashionista wears little to no makeup or nude colors allowing for all the attention to be on the plaid coat. Matching the rest of the outfit, this Fashionista carries an oversized black handbag with a small silk scarf tied to it. The black and white of the scarf stand out, but don’t out shine the coat. Little scarves like this are perfect to add to any bag or backpack, keychains or just tying to a belt loop on jeans. Lastly, the look is completed with quilted Dr. Martens. The thickness of the shoe mixed with the quilting is subtle but adds texture to the whole look.

Now it’s your turn! How well can you stand out in plaid?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love plaid! It adds color and patterns to every outfit and there are never enough different color combos! Red, in my opinion, is just one of those colors that looks great on everyone. My advice for plaid is don’t overdo it. It can be over whelming if it’s worn with too many colors or other patterns. Wearing plaid with other neutrals and basics keep the look trendy and chic and allows for the plaid to really pop.”

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