There is no doubt that the season for shorts is definitely under way, and everyone is looking for a way to spice up the average pair. Who said shorts couldn’t be fun? Adding a cute print is a sure way to make heads turn this summer. Whether it is subtler or louder, shorts with an exciting print is the perfect solution to feeling comfortable and looking fashionable during those sweltering days in the sun.

What is exciting about this latest summer trend is that something as simple as a pair of shorts can really speak volumes about personality. You can be wild or calm, extroverted or introverted, dressed up or dressed down and the essence of what makes up “you” unravels in the matter of a glance at the set of shorts you are wearing. With a playful print, you do not blend into the crowd; rather, you stand out in the crowd. You can add nothing or add everything, and the print on your shorts will remain the center of attention. Whether you’re sporting a tiny print or huge print, shorts with a pattern is a staple for your perfect summer wardrobe.

Speaking of printed shorts, this Fashionista certainly knows how to wear a print that falls in line perfectly with her personality. This black and white geometric print is a nice blend between bold and beautiful, enough to keep the eye completely mesmerized. A plain black T-shirt and a criss-cross beaded bracelet leave room for the main attraction: the shorts. This Fashionista completes her look with black Vans tennis shoes and white-framed sunglasses in order to show off her laid-back style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be comfortable in your own skin. Fashion shouldn’t take away from your comfort, and there is always room to have fun.”