When thinking of plaid in the past, the Scottish comes to mind because of kilts. In the 1990s, plaid became less associated with the Scottish and more associated with the countryside. Nowadays, plaid has become a popular trend that both men and women wear as a fashion statement. Many women wear plaid as a grunge-chic look, but this Fashionista took plaid to a whole new level by creating a more feminine style.

The plaid button-down truly complements her vibrantly colored dress. The dress is normally very elegant, but she created a casual, easy-going look by adding the plaid button-down. Additionally, the plaid pattern and the brightly colored dress are both easily noticeable, yet they do not take the spotlight away from each other. Her gold sandals match very well with her gold watch, which enhanced the color scheme of the whole ensemble.

While this Fashionista tied her casual plaid button-down, anyone can make this plaid top less casual by wearing it completely buttoned. Also, instead of rolling up the sleeves, let them down when the weather becomes colder. The plaid button-down can even be buttoned halfway and tied in the front to create a crop top. The versatility of a plaid button-down is what makes plaid so RAD.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love plaid because of how many different ways a person can wear it. You can tie it in front or around your waist, button it all the way or halfway and make it casual or classy. There are so many creative ways to wear it and probably still more that have not even been thought of yet.”