Having trouble deciding what to wear on a hot summer day? Throw on a sundress! This Fashionista picked the perfect dress to sport on a very hot day. Living in Michigan, I know that the temperature fluctuates a lot. Some days it can be super hot and on other days it can be chilly. Without knowing how fast the temperature can change, it can always be tricky to figure out what to wear. Dresses tend to be on-trend during the summer for this reason; besides the fact that their fun prints and all the millions of ways they can fit.

Maxi dresses, for example, are perfect for the cooler days, and they still give you room to breathe. Midi dresses are super fashion-forward and allow you to show off your fun footwear. Overall, dresses are always feminine and classy. There are so many different styles of dresses for every perfect occasion, but I love this Fashionista’s classic version of a sundress.

This Fashionista kept it classy with this look. Her dress was a perfect length for the hot summer day in Michigan. I love how the dress effortlessly fits her body and just overall itself makes the outfit. Also, I love how this Fashionista took the florals from spring trends and brought them back to life in a summer sundress feel. This dress is universal and can be used in any season, not just summer or spring.

To complete this Fashionista’s look, she sports a red cross-body bag and a pair of black flats with a gold and black bow accent. I like how her red purse brings out the best of the blue and white colors in the dress. The flats give the outfit an ultimate classy title with their shiny appeal.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “When it comes to dresses, I like them to be cute, lively and flowing.”