STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Perforated Pearings

Whether they’re hidden in boxes in attics serving as collectibles, lying in pajama drawers waiting to be worn again or hung seamlessly in the front of closets, we have all had our fair share of band T-shirts/merchandise. This Fashionista translates a witty Marina and the Diamonds T-shirt into a posh eye-catching outfit.

Falling somewhere in-between a knit eyelash sweater and the iconic mink fur coats that comprise Marc Kaufman’s fall/winter 2015/16 Collection, a delicate fur jacket contrasts against this Fashionista’s bold leather skirt as the neutral tones of the two pieces complement each other. This pairing, however, takes a step back as the center of the outfit is actually the spunky “Grow a Pear” T-shirt from a recent Marina and the Diamonds Froot Tour concert. As the star of the upbeat November 9th concert was Marina Diamandis  herself, the star of this ensemble is the not-so-traditional band T-shirt.

Perforated leather, a multi-season trend, is a subtle detail that makes the skirt dainty and versatile. In an effort to keep the attention towards the top half of her outfit, this Fashionista wore comfy black lace-ups and warm UNIQLO heat tech tights. This Fashionista did not sacrifice warmth for style, for these tights are a must-have in everyone’s winter wardrobe. She tops everything off with her daily mixture of rings, giving an extra flair of personality.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?  “Fur coats don’t have to be formal, make them fun!”