Haven’t we all had those days where we want to be plain, but with a pop of color? Or we want to where a color that is modest, but sets the tone to our outfit? The answer for most fashionable and creative people would be, yes! The natural urge to step outside of the box and stray away from what may be the for norm you is a refreshing feeling. In the spring, the best way to go about this is with a light pink blazer.

Blazers in general are the tone setters of a person’s outfit, no matter what look they are going for. In this Fashionista’s outfit, she wore the two extreme colors on the spectrum, which keep it simple, but then spiced it up just enough with a cotton-candy pink blazer. When thinking of the trend for blazers I want to say the late ’70s to early ’80s were when they were popular in fashion. As we all know, the trends go in and out of style, and now they are back with a variety of options in materials for these blazers. This specific fabric is polyester, which isn’t bad on certain days of the spring, like today. Blazers in a lot of colors, like blue, red, pink, yellow and even green, can accommodate a natural look for various occasions and still make a fashion statement.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “We know that with casual and neutral color outfits we tend to get bored with the same color scheme and look. To jazz that up, always go for a nice colored blazer, preferably a light color opposed to dark, depending on the message you are trying to send.”