STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Perfectly Balanced

There are so many mornings where we wake up and think about all the errands we have to run and all of the tasks we must accomplish that day. The next thought that crosses our minds is what we should wear that day that will be appropriate for all the places we have to go and all of the people we have to see. As we get older and begin entering into the real world, it is imperative that we are always looking put-together and presentable. That is why it is important that we have our go-to pieces that will help put together a perfect outfit for any time and place.

This Fashionista exemplifies a wonderfully pretty, classy and stylish look that is generally appropriate for most occasions during the summer. I especially love how she utilizes a “tone on tone” ensemble with her blue Lilly Pulitzer top over her cuffed blue jean shorts.  Her neutral Jack Rogers sandals are the perfect go-to sandals for both spring and summer and are always a great pairing with any Lilly Pulitzer piece. The gold jewelry and aviator sunglasses add the perfect amount of accessory and make the look complete.

This s a great outfit for the summertime, because it is casual enough to run to the mall in, and is stylish enough for going out to lunch with your girlfriends or an early evening get together. That is what makes the look “perfectly balanced.” There is no need to worry about having to run home and change, because the outfit is so versatile. However, there may be certain occasions where shorts are not considered appropriate attire, but that can easily be fixed by throwing on a nice pair of white jeans.

Always make sure you have your easy go-to outfits that you can throw on and know that they will be appropriate for your all-day endeavors.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I like to keep things simple. I love dressing for the day in something that will be appropriate for any sort of errand or meeting I have to attend that day. It is important to me that I always look my best and am dressed appropriately for any time and place.”