The poncho trend, which used to be dreaded by many, is back again and making a new statement. This is nowhere near a new idea, but has resurfaced starting with Burberry’s poncho trend last fall. I never thought I could pull this garment off, but after seeing Burberry’s effortless and chic design, I feel differently. The trend scared off a lot of people, because of its slouchy and willowy look. Now, this slouchy look is viewed as casual and comfortable. Loose fitting styles are becoming more popular, so the willowy look is not as intimidating. Burberry’s poncho is luxurious and cozy, but also extremely expensive, so more budget friendly stores caught on.

Whether you like it or not, ponchos are popping up everywhere again in stores like Forever 21, Zara and Free People. They are so eye-catching with unique details, which is why it’s a risk. There are different styles with buckles, fringe, hoods, fur, turtlenecks, zippers and more. The original poncho is a very hippie look, but now it was moved to be more urban. It gives a city vibe to a bohemian look. There isn’t a strong feminine shape because of the oversized look, but it’s still ladylike. This whole idea is shifting against the overly sexy image that a lot of women desire.

The biggest detail about the poncho seems to be the loud prints. This Fashionista has a gorgeous plaid print that catches attention. Her poncho has a chic buckle that attaches the fabric and cute fringe on the bottom. She pairs it with slimming colored jeans and classic bean boots for a perfect winter look. Looking good outside in the winter is a hard task to achieve, but she does it well with layering and fun patterns. All the materials she is wearing are thick and sturdy to fight the snowy elements. This Fashionista knows how to make a poncho look new and sophisticated in a winter outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Style can revolve around warmth in the winter and feel kind of drab; to add a bit of fun and color to your outfit, throw on some colored jeans or wear a statement lip. It’ll make you look super cozy but still stylish.”