The weather in Ithaca seems to have gone into full on blizzard mode in the past week. If you’ve been following along, you most likely know that the majority of Ithaca College students are bundled from head to toe, and it’s safe to say that fashion is not always a priority. On one of the warmer days last week, I spotted this Fashionista downtown. Seeing her fashionable yet functional ensemble was totally refreshing.

My favorite part of this Fashionista’s look is her poncho, which seemed super cozy. Comfort is a priority for most Ithaca students, especially for those of us who have full days of classes. On top of busy schedules, when the snow hits, students have to think about practicality.

Another aspect of this Fashionista’s ensemble that I loved was how she matched her colors carefully by pairing the gray poncho with her striped long sleeve shirt. Her black leggings and boots also make a great pair. Many women are afraid to commit to just one, simple color scheme. However, this Fashionista embraces it.

Another trend common on the Ithaca College campus is layering…not just with clothing, but with jewelry! The trend most likely originated with the rise in popularity of Alex and Ani bracelets, but now Fashionistas are layering any jewelry they own. The key to layering is curating pieces that are somewhat simple and piecing them together for a bigger statement. However, feel free to experiment with mixing metals! This often gives a bohemian, effortlessly chic vibe.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It all comes down to blending comfort and style. You have to stay warm, but there are ways to do that and also look fashionable.”